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Tammy Howard


Furloughed from her job as general manager of a cinema in Hastings, where she oversees a team of approximately 15 staff, Tammy is working as a volunteer co-ordinator at the Eastbourne vaccination centre.

“I have been working for the Trust for approximately three weeks now and it’s one of the best things I have done for a long time,” she says.

As with previous lockdowns, during which Tammy volunteered as a community responder, she felt the need to reach out and support as many people as possible.

Tammy felt that for her business and other hospitality industries to survive, the only hope of getting back to ‘normality’ was the vaccination programme rollout.

So she searched for online opportunities to help at vaccination centres, came across the application form via a social media site, and decided to apply.

“I absolutely love working at the vaccination centre and hope this role can continue when my ‘day job’ comes back into play,” says Tammy.

“I adore working alongside other volunteers, who all have a passion for helping others, and finding out what motivates them to do this. Every volunteer’s story is different and it’s an honour to work alongside them.

“It can be pretty emotional when you interact with members of the public who have not left their house since the pandemic began, and you see how much that receiving the vaccine means to them. You go home from your shift with a heart-warming feeling that you are doing a good job.”

Tammy says she has the utmost respect for her many friends working in hospitals throughout the country.

“I don’t think we fully understand the year they have had, but they are all heroes in my eyes,” she says.

“Working as a volunteer co-ordinator has certainly opened up opportunities and connections that were not there before and maybe one day I too may become an NHS employee! 

“After last weekend’s amazing achievement of the country reaching 15 million vaccines that had been rolled out, I am feeling optimistic that we as a nation are taking the right steps forward to bringing an end to lockdowns and finding a ‘new normal’ way of living that includes hugging our loved ones once again.”