Nominate a colleague for the
Sue Eckstein Award

Do you work with a colleague who inspires you?

Perhaps you know someone who sets an example in the delivery of compassionate care – someone who is supportive of patients, your colleagues and you?

Then spare a few minutes of your time and nominate your colleague(s) for this prestigious Sue Eckstein Award. Finalists will be invited to our Annual Leadership Conference later this year where the winner will be announced.

This award is open to any member of staff – anyone can be a leader in compassionate care, no matter what level/band they may be at – so who will you nominate?

Please note nominations close Thursday 31 May. Nominate now.

About Sue Eckstein

Sue was a lecturer in clinical and biomedical ethics at  Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) from July 2007 until her death in November 2013. Sue spoke powerfully at our Leadership Conference in 2013 on the ‘Ethics of the everyday’ and her experience as a user of our services.

Sue valued simple things like a warm welcome and saying “hello”, staff introducing themselves with a friendly smile, and those who can build positive and meaningful relationships with people – all which have an enormous impact on the experience patients/service users receive.

Personal perspective on Sue Eckstein from Stella Benson, Service User and member of Coasting Together, the Sussex Rehabilitation Centre User Group

Sue Eckstein was an inspiring woman. Sadly, I only knew her a short time but she helped me to be strong and to deal with being an amputee. She was so brave, she didn't let her illness defeat her. She had so much energy and never seemed to stop. “As well as lecturing at BSMS, she also wrote two well received novels. She was so interesting and such good company. She encouraged everyone and was interested in everyone whatever they did. She is still sorely missed and I would love to tell her how much she helped me on my journey.

“She really was amazing.”