Healthy Child Programme Team Lead

I am a Healthy Child Programme Team Lead at the East Worthing Healthy Child Programme. The best thing is the care and support that we give ordinary people at times when they are in need, without judgement or question

I am amazed by the phone conversations that I hear every day by staff to members of the public and to our staff - I work in an open plan office with three other professionals. I am constantly humbled to hear such a constant high level of support and professionalism.

The NHS still embodies the initial ideals that were set up  - free health care at a time when you need it. You know that if you telephoned for help, whether that be a 999 call or to your community nurse, someone would help you.

My stand out times are qualifying as a nurse in the 1980's with a group of people who have remained my best friends for over 30 years. Becoming a Ward Sister at 25years old and leading an amazing team of School Nurses and Health Visitors

My NHS hero is Marie Curie - an amazing woman for her time who pioneered one of the most amazing discoveries in health, which has helped quick patient diagnosis - and ultimately sacrificed her life from the experimentation that she did to perfect X-Rays.