Susan Marshall
Chief Nurse

70 years of the NHS is a wonderful reminder of how the NHS was set up to support everybody from all walks of life regardless of their ability to pay and it allows free care at the point of entry for all.

As I reflect on the forty years I have spent in a caring profession within the NHS and the wonderful staff and patients I have met along the way, I feel immensely proud that I have been able to make a small difference to the lives of so many people.

All of us know relatives or friends that have needed NHS services and all of us will need them at some stage during our lives, so how humbling is it that we have made a difference to the very services that we and our loved ones will use.

I know the despair felt by patients or relatives when we get care delivery wrong, which fortunately is not often but I also know the feelings of intense gratitude and thanks when we get it right.

I wish I could bottle this up and open the lid at times when the going gets tough just as a reminder to us all that people truly value the work we all do.

What better time to celebrate this than at its 70th anniversary.

To finish I would like to say  a big “thank you" from me personally to everyone in the NHS both on the front line of delivery and within all back office services and support services who work together to make the NHS what it is today. Thank You.