Clinical Nurse Specialist

I work in the Community HIV Specialist Services. I love the NHS for the dedication that all workers have even with the unfavourable payment, all do their best to achieve excellent care and support for the patients and their families. I also love the NHS for the free treatment

NHS 70 is an opportunity for me as a person to look back and reflect on my personal development and achievements I have made in the NHS. As an organisation, it’s also an opportunity to look back over the last 70 years and count on the key developments and achievements that the NHS has attained. There have been a lot of developments in care and research and this celebration time helps to reflect on the past and plan for the future including new technology, innovations, the challenges we face presently and those anticipated.

Two years ago my husband suffered chest pain and I phoned 999 and got prompt response from the ambulance service and the best care in the accident and emergency department. I was proud to be a nurse and part of an organisation that gives the best care.

Siobhan Melia the chief executive has worked tirelessly to motivate staff in Sussex Community. She has also brought innovative ideas to improve the services. My NHS heros are my colleagues who are doing an amazing job under financial pressures. Over the years, financial pressures have increased social issues in people living with HIV, thus worsening their livelihood both socially and psychologically