Shrini - Locality Administrator

Locality Administrator

Each and every staff member makes this organisation great – there wouldn’t be a Trust without them!

For me, the NHS means professional and compassionate care for those in need - the NHS is a great and very supportive employer.

My NHS journey began in 1988, when I came to England from Sri Lanka as a newly married naïve young girl. I wasn’t fluent in English and wasn’t familiar with the country.

I applied for the position of Rotational Account Assistant, and was blessed to get the role. To this day, I thank the interviewers and God for this as I am still here 30 years on!

Working for the NHS has given me the opportunity to give something back to the community, by providing behind the scenes necessities for our nurses. My role with the Primary Care Team gives me job satisfaction and all the nurses are lovely to work with.

I’ve always found the majority of NHS staff welcoming, kind, generous and very caring. In my first role, I was continuously supported and felt like I belonged.

Throughout the years I’ve made great friends, some even becoming the God parents to my children who actually attended Hilltop Nursery here, and went onto complete their work experience within the Trust. Overall, the NHS and SCFT have impacted my family in a very positive way.

Looking forward, I’m hoping for a better version of today’s SCFT, with more flexible working for staff along with better pay.

My NHS hero would be each and every member of staff who works ‘smart’, by completing their job efficiently, safely and to benefit their service – basically all those who are doing their best to make a difference in the NHS.

The NHS turning 70 is important because 70 years is a very long time for anything to remain constant in this ever-changing world, so this is a blessing and should be celebrated!