Head of Organisational Development

The NHS serves a fundamental need of supporting the healthcare needs of everyone, regardless of who they are. It is also an innovative employer, offering a range of career opportunities to people with a wide range of skills. Every day I see or hear of examples of staff who demonstrate excellent compassionate care to patients and colleagues.

I am thrilled to see so many colleagues joining in to celebrate the NHS at 70. Stories in the media often reflect where things have not gone well but every day there are amazing examples of fantastic care and staff are working incredibly hard to deliver excellent care. We need to tell these positive stories and help people appreciate the privilege offered by a national healthcare service and recognise the amazing commitment and care.

I see my greatest achievements as helping individuals at all levels develop for example the work I have done with our admin staff and with leaders. My NHS heroes are the consultant and maternity team who worked as a team to save our son’s life when he was born. (I may not have seemed that appreciative at the time.) I am grateful to them every day when I hear our 21 year old “baby” get up to commute to work.

I am lucky to work with some amazing teams and leaders and to help support their development. In doing that I hear about many heroes among our SCFT family, going way beyond the call of duty, including all those in the OD team!