Receptionist/Admin for Children’s Services

Initially I worked in the private sector for barristers. Then I moved from London to the NHS almost ten years ago.

My 10 years here have been a really eye opening and amazing journey. Coming from a non medical background, its amazing to see what a difference it makes for families and children from seeing them so worried in the beginning. Its great to see what progress they make so quickly and the impact we have in this service. My proudest moments are the daily connections with the children, they skip behind the desk, have a hug and say hello. You build up a rapport with them over the years. I see them when they’re three and then they pop in when they’re 13 - it’s nice to see them grow.

My NHS hero would have to be a lady I worked with called Martine, who was a centre coordinator. She was very kind and supported me tremendously in my first years here.

The NHS has had a positive impact on my family throughout the years. I hope we can carry on supporting these children and families, it’s amazing to see these worried parents and how their lives have been changed so drastically. The support they get is great, we’re lucky in Brighton and Hove to have that!