Healthy Child Programme Team Leader

I am writing on behalf of my team - we love the NHS as it gives us opportunity to improve the lives of the children and families we support. The Healthy Child Programme promotes healthy lifestyles and early intervention, we are fortunate to have Unicef Baby Friendly status.

It’s important to celebrate NHS 70 because the NHS need to show it is vibrant and forward looking. We need to celebrate our success!

Highlights for me would be supporting a mother flee domestic abuse and supporting a family where children were "fire setting" in the house to develop positive strategies and access appropriate services. I enjoyed supporting a child newly diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder, especially helping his father learn how to relate to him - it was a great moment. Supporting a vulnerable mother to develop more resilient strategies so she did not have to resort to UTC was also a proud moment. Our team have supported each other through the many changes that we have adapted to and have become a resilient and supportive workforce.

My hero would have to be Miss Bender, the matron of the nurse’s home where I trained as a nurse. Terrifying and inspirational!