Specialist Nursery Nurse 

We need to celebrate the NHS.

The NHS to me, apart from being my employer, means taking care of people on a large spectrum.

Over the years, they’ve taken good care of my family and I’m very appreciative that we’ve got access to it.

The service has had a massive impact on my family, due to losing some relatives to cancer and from having an autistic child. The NHS has been vital in my life!

I originally started out as an administrator in the Dermatology department, I then left and started working with kids and saw this opportunity which I just love it.

There are quite a lot of great moments in this job, but one of the best would be when a boy with cerebral palsy came in after we’d finished working with him for an appointment, and his Mum said: “Show the nurse what you can do”, and he walked down the corridor. We were so proud; moments like that make it all worthwhile.

There are lots of people I’ve looked up to since working for the NHS, but the whole of Seaside View Child Development Centre in Brighton  – where I work – are my heroes, along with my team who work together really well.

I think it’s important to celebrate the NHS turning 70 and ensure it’s preserved for many generations to come.