Health Visitor

I Joined in 2008 as a school health assistant and in 2011 became a sponsored student at Brighton University for Children’s Nursing. In 2014, I went into specialist Community Public Health Nursing (health visiting) and now I’m a Health Visitor. I’ve been with the trust the whole time.

The NHS is like no other institution in the world. We’re so lucky to have the NHS! I’ve been unwell this year and the NHS has looked after me. I’m really appreciative of it on a personal level and grateful to be a part of it on professional one.

My best friend Jen, who did all my training, is my hero. We did it side-by-side together and studied at university together, she is now a school staff nurse.

My proudest moment is when I graduated! I didn’t think I could do it, I left college with 4 dodgy O-levels but I went to uni later on and I even got the academic award!

The nicest thing is when you bump into someone you’ve helped 6 months later and they spontaneously give you a hug and say that they’re feeling better. It’s a great feeling and lovely to see! Even if you haven’t done much at all, just listened!