Jo Harrison

PA to the West Area Senior Leadership Team

I have a sense of pride knowing that what I have done and am continuing to do, ultimately affects the people my team cares for.

In my role as a PA in Adult Services, I don’t directly care for our patients but I’m able to release time for my managers and the teams that deliver excellent care.  For me, that means I have played my part in this great organisation.

The NHS turning 70 is such an achievement for our country; it means we have fulfilled the vision of Aneurin Bevan, the man who had the ambition to bring good healthcare to all. This goes to show that one person can achieve greatness, however big or small.

Over the years, I've had issues that the NHS has helped me through, such as childbirth, heart issues, migraines and all the general stuff in between. I’m particularly proud of Paddington Children’s Hospital and King’s for caring for my nephew who was born at 30 weeks and my niece who suffered a major head injury at two years old. Without the quick responses and amazing care of the NHS, they both wouldn’t have survived.

My NHS hero would be everyone who has worked, continues to work or is training to be part of the NHS. Thank you to all.