Jackie Poole 
Health Visitor

I’ve worked with NHS since I was 18 on and off. I joined as an Acute Nurse in London where I trained. I started working in the Community as a Health Visitor in 1988. I must have worked for a good number of years and then I decided to go and work with the homeless as a practitioner. After that I managed a community nursing team in Haywards Heath for 7 years. I became a community services manager for a while and now I'm a part-time health visitor.

I think the NHS is a great service for everyone within the country to get free health care at the point of delivery. I really believe in the ethos of that!

I’d say my NHS hero would be my first NHS tutor, Mr Meyers! He supported me throughout my training and he was very much patient focused and into caring with compassion which is very topical today!

My biggest achievement would be my time spent as a team leader for the community nurses in Haywards Heath when I was there. Watching other nurses develop and give good, holistic and compassionate patient care, is my proudest moment!