Jackie W

Jackie Welch
Lead bladder and Bowel nurse

I work in High Weald Lewes and Haven and arrived in Eastbourne to commence nurse training way back in 1984. I have worked for the NHS off and on since then. My career has been varied and has included working in MAU, elderly care and rehabilitation before becoming a Bladder and Bowel specialist nurse 9 years ago. Having worked in both the private sector and the NHS, I have seen first-hand the differences in both areas. The private sector is very money orientated were as the NHS certainly does try and put the patient first and this is why I have continued to return to the NHS.

The grass certainly is not greener on the other side and although the pay in the private sector is most certainly better, the conditions are not. Working within the NHS means that you have the support of your colleagues and management - this is what I love about working for SCFT.

My proudest moment in the whole of my working career has been the setting up the bladder and bowel service when it won the contract from ESHT. Creating an amazing team over the past 18 months and providing an excellent service to the 1800 patients we currently have on our caseload, all whilst remaining in budget is a great achievement.

We have had our ups and downs as a team and we have dealt with them all. It is a joy to come to work and that is part of the job that probably many people do not value.

To celebrate 70 years of the NHS, the specialist services are planning a picnic but our team will also go out for dinner and a few drinks. Of course, we will raise a glass to our wonderful NHS!