Deputy Area Director

I feel honoured to have worked in the NHS for the last 26 years, it has been an amazing journey professionally and personally. The NHS is about people - patients and staff. I remember being told on my first ward that the most important thing was to care about a patient as I would want my loved one. This is why I love the NHS - it is a family of people who want to provide the best they can for the patients and families we have the privilege of meeting. I cant miss that I met my husband through working in the NHS!

The NHS has survived 70 years of immense change in so many ways. It is part of people's lives and can make a huge difference - it can transform. If you think how many people come into contact with the NHS over 70 years it would be staggering! If we did not have the NHS over the last 70 years, I wonder what our population health would be like now?

My proudest moments are when a family or patient have given me feedback about the difference a team or I have made. We don't always get things right, but when someone takes the time to say "thank you" when they are struggling - that is amazing. I have felt really proud of working with some amazing people and projects which have demonstrated that they have improved health at a population level.

There are so many heroes - and that is not a cliché! I think everyone who works in the NHS is a hero, as we all work in a fulfilling but challenging area. I cannot think of someone who doesn't go that extra mile every day.