School Staff Nurse

I started training to be a nurse when I was 18 and left the NHS after my training aged 21. I went to work for a cable TV company so it was a big contrast! I then went back into nursing when I had my children because it fitted in well with my life at the time. I took nursing around the world, lived in Asia for a while and travelled a lot. I’ve had a fantastic time going on lots of trips as a school nurse. I came back in 2008 and began doing immunisations as bank staff and ended up staying. I’ve been here nearly 10 years now. I recently completed my child protection course which I enjoyed, I find it quite rewarding to be focussing on a child as a team and collectively doing the best we can for that child. That’s our mission! To make sure they are safe and free from harm.

Having worked in the NHS for a long time, I know it’s a fantastic organisation. We get a lot of criticism from the public but you’ve got to realise it’s a service at bursting point and you got to recognise that it’s here for you and is a two way thing. Cherish it as much as we do. It’s good to celebrate a positive milestone like NHS 70 - hindsight’s a wonderful thing and we should nurture what we’ve got really!

It’s really rewarding when you’ve met a family or parents for whatever reason you met them in the first place and they come back and say thank you! It could be something really little like toilet training or something bigger like child protection but when they say thanks, it really makes a difference and that’s what makes it all worthwhile! Something as small as helping someone get their baby to sleep, I’m not doing major operations to save someone’s life but it feels good to help people and make a difference!

I worked with a family with a child who was recently diagnosed with autism. He was having difficulties and the parents were upset but we used Macaton to help him. I bumped into them a few weeks ago and asked how it was going, they said it took him three weeks to learn and he was there - It had made such a big difference!