End of Life Care Facilitator for Nursing Homes in Brighton and Hove

I started my career in the NHS in 1976 and 42 years later I'm still here. The NHS has given me a career that I'm so proud of and have loved doing. It has given me the opportunity of meeting a huge range of people and predominantly being able to look after them in their own homes. It has given me an education that I never received at school and has developed my confidence and competence when teaching others in the art of nursing. I have been extremely privileged to work with some fantastic nurses and a variety of other staff along the way.

Our NHS is revered throughout the world as one of the very best health providers especially in the field of Palliative and End of life care. It must continue to survive the stormy journeys that it has been through since my career started.

It's very difficult to choose one proud moment but I would have to say: "Giving me the opportunity to support people, their families and loved ones when they breathe their last breath."

My NHS hero was a very special lady called Charmian Tye she gave so much of her short life to the NHS particularly.