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I have been volunteering for about four years. It’s been brilliant experience, I have attended business meetings, presented at AGMs and helped organise awards. I think giving back to the community is really, really important.

I volunteered at my local NHS trust near home but now I’m at university I thought it would be a good opportunity to volunteer here too. I’m studying biomedical sciences at the University of Sussex – it’s really interesting and I’m learning loads.

For me the NHS has always been there. The NHS was the first place to really listen to my views as a young person, for young people it can sometimes feel like you’re being overlooked. But the NHS is really special, my experience is that it takes on board the views of people and then people work together to make a better service for everyone.

SCFT feels like home, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. I was a bit sceptical coming into a community trust because the previous trust I volunteered at was an acute. But what I’ve learned is that the NHS is about more than hospitals, doctors and nurses. They’re important, but the NHS is about a whole community coming together for patients.