Dulcie NHS70


The NHS is full of people who want to provide the best evidence based care available.

I have been fortunate enough to settle in my role as a Physiotherapist with the Community Neurological Rehabilitation Team, after several years of completing my broader rotations in the acute Trust.

My children have benefitted from a start in life in the Trust nurseries, giving them care and instilling confidence and supporting me to be able to work. As they have grown I have been able to return to working almost full time. Through my own illness last year, I have received consistently outstanding treatment in a good timescale.

As an employer the NHS has allowed me to continue working as much as possible which has helped me. Sometimes I am shocked to hear how far behind other organisations are in terms of recruitment processes, equality and policies.

It is important to celebrate NHS70 because it is run primarily on the good will of committed, dynamic and quality staff. We all have clinical care at the heart of what we do as a shared goal, and want to feel proud of the services we provide, and suffer when resources or demand compromise this. The NHS still provides outstanding care, many working in the NHS will not have thought about its origin or history so it is a good opportunity to consider this as part of our shared values. We should celebrate what we are a part of.

My proudest NHS moment would be finishing our rehab with a gentleman who had enjoyed long distance running before suffering a brain injury - my parting visit was to complete the Preston Park Park Run with him. As we finished a gentleman approached who had nursed this man on intensive care and recognised him - it was a lovely moment for us all to see the way services do run seamlessly and to catch a glimpse of the services at different ends of patients' input.

My NHS hero is Louise Mayer our former Service Manager, who recruited an excellent team of colleagues who I continue to work with. She taught us to be robust, strive for excellence and embrace change.