Head of Safeguarding
Safeguarding. Nursing and Quality Department 

I love the NHS as we are all part of a great British institution. The NHS is one big family of workers from all walks of life and who come together under one banner for a common cause. Providing healthcare to our communities is something to be proud of.

To celebrate NHS70 is a milestone that everyone should celebrate. At some point in our lives we will always come into contact with the NHS for one reason or another and this celebration will keep the NHS in the minds and hearts of all of us!

The proudest moment in the NHS would be back in 1991 when the Community Care Act came into place and people began to move out of the large isolated institutions to community based settings. To open those gates, so to speak, and support people to integrate back into their society and blossom as full citizens rather than being hidden from people was a very proud moment, and one that will stay with me for my whole life.

My two NHS heroes are nurses Pat and Denise who looked after me when I was 4 years old and in hospital for cancer. They were great and to this day I still wonder how their lives panned out. The care and compassion I received from them has stayed with me for the last 44 years and has definitely influenced my practice to this day.