Claire Maloney

Senior Nurse with Hospital at Home

It’s important to see how far we have come in the NHS, as a reminder of how far we can still go.

The NHS is something to be proud of as a country and for me; this was encapsulated at the Olympics when it was celebrated on a worldwide platform. The idea that healthcare is a human right and free at the point of access, is something many countries can aspire to.

The NHS has been very dear to me and my family, my mother is a nurse and my sister is currently training to become an occupational therapist. I was born in an NHS hospital and my family have used the NHS for decades.

SCFT is very transparent and forward thinking, and since being involved in a new pilot for Hospital at Home, and it then becoming a permanent fixture, I’ve been able to witness this first hand. Putting patients’ needs before anything else for a positive outcome is something very important to me.

The future for SCFT is exciting, with healthcare moving more into patient homes resulting in them having more complex needs. As a result of this, the workforce will have to develop to accommodate changes to make sure staff are upskilling and forward planning.

My NHS hero is Marcello Rossi, Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Lead Nurse for Hospital at Home, as he’s always pushing boundaries within his capabilities and always has the patient at the heart of everything he does.