caroline profile

Director of HR and OD

The NHS is hugely important to me.

I have worked in the NHS for the last 18 years, it is where I found my career and developed professionally.

From a personal point of view I have used NHS services for me and my family and as an immigrant I am extremely aware of the importance of accessing care that is free at the point of need. I strongly believe in the NHS constitution and in particular its opening statement.

When people ask me what’s special about working at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust I am always reminded of the people. The culture here is special and patients are truly at the centre of what we do. I have worked in four other Trusts, a mixture of acute, specialist and mental health organisations and this is by far the best place to work.

It’s an exciting time to be part of SCFT. We have a great part to play in the wider system as the leader of community care. The culture and the collective commitment to patient care means that it is the best organisation to build partnerships to improve patient experience across the local NHS.

Last year, I shadowed a community nurse in Hove for the day. I won’t name her, but she showed such an outstanding level of care and compassion and I thought she truly was an NHS hero.

NHS70 is really important. It is an opportunity to remember what the alternative would look like. What would happen if the NHS wasn’t there? What if the opening paragraph of the constitution was thrown in the bin?