Head of Healthy Child Programme, West Sussex Children's Services

The NHS cared for both my parents in their last months of life, safely delivered my 2 gorgeous grandchildren and provided me with a great 30 year career pathway that has included gaining registration as a general nurse, the Diploma in Health Visiting, MSc in Teaching and Learning, and a Diploma in Leadership & Management. I have had fantastic colleagues over the years, all of who have the aim of providing excellent care. My mother was a nurse and midwife, and my eldest son is about to qualify as an adult nurse - 3 generations!

The NHS is a unique and amazing resource, delivering such a variety of services all free at the point of entry. Celebrating 70 years enables us to reflect on the influence the NHS has had and continues to have in our lives; not just in hospitals but in the community and public health.

A member of staff employed by another organisation came up to me and told me she recognised me as having been her health visitor and told me that I had 'saved her life' when her first child was born. She was talking about the mental health support I had given and the health advice which enabled her to grow into parenthood.

My NHS heroes are, locally; Suzy Portway and nationally; Viv Bennett.