Cara Profile

Nursery Business Manager

I love the NHS because it’s the best health care in the world. The NHS is non discriminative and treats everyone without judgement of who they are. It delivers true compassionate care everyday under huge pressures.

I think we should celebrate the NHS’s birthday because It feels like an old friend and its definitely part of the UK’s history and definitely something to be proud of.

My proudest moment in the NHS is when I received an award for being an ‘Inclusive leader’ in the Nurseries. I felt that if I was getting it right in the nurseries that the children would grow up with inclusivity being part of their everyday life and not something they need to train for.

My NHS70 hero is our IV team for making every patient feel that they are special and comfortable even though this will probably be a stressful time in the patients life. They are professional, caring, kind yet always lift the atmosphere with a friendly face coming to your door on a daily basis.