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Laura Woodage


Laura, a nurse in the Trust’s Regis Rural Community Nursing Team, volunteered for the vaccination programme when she heard about the call for help. 

“I wanted to help out because I felt I would then be doing my bit to get this vaccine rolled out,” says the 29-year-old, who lives in Felpham, West Sussex. “I work full time and wanted to help get things moving with any extra time I had.” 

Laura has contributed by interviewing registered healthcare professionals from outside the Trust and sending their information to SCFT’s human resources department, enabling the next phase of recruitment to the vaccination programme to begin. 

“I really have enjoyed undertaking the interviews,” she says. “It was so lovely to speak to many different healthcare professionals who were all of the same mindset of ‘we need to all chip in and get this sorted!’ 

“Everyone I spoke to was willing to give so much time to get this all sorted and we are all thinking of the benefits for other people.” 

Laura says the NHS has proved, once again, to be “an amazing service”. 

“The way they have dealt with this huge demand for extra staff in the pandemic has been amazing,” she says. “From behind the scenes at human resources to the vaccination programme itself, everyone has worked so hard in making the centres possible. I couldn't be more proud of a service I work for! 

“Looking forward, I feel there is light at the end of a very dark year,” says Laura. “The community team I work for in my full-time position has been fantastic. We have become a much more supportive team and it's been really important for our mental health to have such a great team bond. I feel, as a result of this, teams can only get stronger.” 

She also has further cause for optimism. 

“I'm looking forward to also hopefully getting married this year, something we had to postpone from last year,” says Laura, adding: “I'm just so excited for everyone to be able to have the return of ‘normality’.”