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Jackie Welch


Jackie has worked for the Trust for the past five years as the Team Lead for Bladder and Bowel services for High Weald Lewes Havens. She is based at Newhaven Poly Clinic. 

Jackie volunteered to work on the vaccination programme after reading about opportunities on the Trust’s internal mail. 

“I volunteered to vaccinate as I feel that if we don’t vaccinate then we will have COVID- lockdown for even longer,” she says. “It’s my way of helping my colleagues.” 

So far, she has done one shift at the Trust’s Eastbourne vaccination centre and is about to return to complete her second. 

“My role was different from what I thought it would be,” she reveals. “I was all ready to inject people all day but instead I found that I was sitting at a computer doing the screening questions. I did enjoy the day and the other staff were really friendly and helpful.” 

Jackie hopes the vaccination effort will defeat the pandemic. 

“If we continue vaccinating, then hopefully we will get this infection under control and life may start going back to some sort of normal,” she says.