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Greg Hogben


Greg is a COVID-19 vaccinator and applied to join the vaccination programme out of a desire to play his part in the national effort. He also had skills the Trust needed and joining the programme was an opportunity to put them to use. 

I’ve watched the news and read about how difficult it has been for the elderly and vulnerable to shield during the pandemic, but I don’t think I really fully understood the toll it’s taken on them,” says Greg. 

“Working at the vaccination centre has given me the chance to meet many of them face to face, often their first social interaction in months. 

“Being with them at the moment they receive the vaccination, you can actually see their relief, almost as though a physical weight of stress and anxiety has been lifted. It’s quite emotional. They tell you how happy they are that they’re one step closer to holding their grandchildren or visiting lifelong friends. It’s amazing to be part of that.” 

Greg says he has always admired the NHS and its staff. 

“It’s been amazing to see first-hand the total devotion of the nurses to the people in their care, and the operational staff’s management of such a mammoth feat in organising the response,” he says. 

“It’s very humbling to watch the NHS and its staff meet this enormous challenge with such grace and determination. I’m incredibly proud to be in a position to support their efforts.” 

Greg says he feels optimistic about the future. 

“It’s hard to see your home town become a ghost town, so I look forward to seeing Brighton return to the vibrant city I love,” he says. 

“I also feel incredibly grateful. This pandemic has cost more than anyone could ever put into words. It’s given me a greater sense of what’s important. 

“With the NHS vaccination drive, I’m hopeful that we have the way forward, back to a normal that includes everything we used to have and be able to do – but with renewed appreciation.