Jessica Poulton

From Therapy Assistant to Clinical Team Lead, and Trade Union Steward along the way, my journey through Physiotherapy has been excitingly varied.

Specialising now with a Musculoskeletal and Women's Health caseload, I take seriously my responsibility to the patients I care for, the wellbeing of my team and the wider public we interact with.

I feel privileged to share in the lives of so many and gain great energy from working with service users and staff to develop and improve: whether that be an individuals health, the service or the Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) profile for which I feel passionate.

As a Governor I look forward to help shape our services with an AHP perspective. I am proud to be part of such an innovative staff group and I am humbled to represent the AHP voice within the Trust.

My work to date has given me skills in advocacy which I believe key to the Governor role. I value moving forward with positivity in what can be achieved as a collective Council of Governors.

Listening to truly hear and utilising shared decision making are not just important practices clinically, but attributes I will transfer from the clinic room to carry the voice of AHPs forward to the Board.