Jacob Bayliss

I have over four years experience of working closely with children and young people across Brighton & Hove (and occasionally Sussex) around a broad range of health and wellbeing issues, including considering the performance of local primary, secondary, and specialist services.

In addition to my YMCA role, I have developed and deliver the ‘LGBT Inclusion Award’ in the city. This is a quality assurance mark designed to improve outcomes for the LGBTQ community in a range of settings, but has thus far focused on primary care, hospitals, and care homes.

I have worked closely with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust delivering advanced level bespoke training across their sites – giving me a deeper understanding of working within hospitals and specialist healthcare facilities.

In this role I am mindful of the diverse communities of young people using services within the Trust, from BME and LGBT young people, young people with disabilities or living in rural areas, or those not in employment or education.

I hope to consider and communicate the needs of differing groups of young people across the Trust and hope to contribute to developing successful and efficient services for all.

My role includes leading the service delivery of Young Healthwatch, and delivering a consultation contract with the CCG – both of which focus on gathering evidence and gaining a deeper understanding of young peoples’ experiences, wishes, and ideas when it comes to health and wellbeing services.

I also work closely with Public Health delivering creative campaigns and initiatives that focus on prevention and behaviour change, and involve working in and with all local secondary schools.

These different strands of work complement each other to give me a clear overview of the key issues and needs of local young people across a range of community and health settings.

I sit on the council’s Equality & Inclusion Partnership committee, overseeing the citywide response to the Trans Needs Assessment, including health services. This has given me key skills in terms of planning and problem-solving with a wide range of statutory and community services and stakeholders.

I was very pleased to have this Governor role brought to my attention as I feel it will allow me to access a valuable forum in which to share the intelligence I gather across the numerous projects I have mentioned.

It also interests me on a personal level, as I am keen to further my understanding in this area, and I am passionate about improving health services and public health for communities in Sussex.

I have experience with project management, service delivery, policy, and research that may be useful to the Council of Governors.

I feel I am in a unique position to contribute a wealth of intelligence, and to call on the communities and networks of young people I have access to when their views and opinions are needed.

Watch this short video from Jacob encouraging young people to join as a member.