Ian Blackmore

There are several factors that have influenced my decision to stand for election to the Council of Governors: -

  • I work as a volunteer tutor on the Living Well Programme, formerly Expert Patient Programme, for the Trust.
  • I have lived in West Sussex for over twenty years.
  • I have benefited from skilled treatment from the NHS at several times during my life, some of which has been life-saving.
  • A close family member dedicated her working life to the NHS.
  • And last but by no means least, I was born and brought up in Aneurin Bevan’s parliamentary constituency in South Wales, so the NHS is in my blood.

My background is in economics, banking and elite wheelchair sport. During my working life I lived in different parts of the
UK. I am now retired from full-time work.

In addition to my work with the Living Well Programme, provided by the Trust, I also work with adults with learning difficulties.

I believe that my varied life, work and health experiences have given me some of the skills required to make a success of the
role as a Governor. I appreciate that I will have to learn on the job but I am ready and willing to do so.