Griselda Wireko-Brobby

Sussex Foundation Community NHS Foundation Trust has the welfare of the local population at heart.

Having worked in this Trust for the last five years, the core principles of the Trust resonates well with me.

As a paediatrician, I understand the complexities and numerous challenges in the NHS and realise the importance of balancing this with championing the needs of my patients.

I will bring to this role a pragmatic and evidenced-based approach committed to unbiased representation of patients, carers, staff and the local population with a view to influence policies and strategies when appropriate.

Being a member of the ethnic minority and a member of the biggest specialty of doctors within the Trust, I will add value and enrich the Council of Governors by bringing different cultural experiences and perspectives which are important in making decisions and policies regarding patient care.

My passion is to strive for excellent care.

I am keen to learn, work well in a team of professionals with rich and varying experiences towards a common goal of making the Trust safe, effective, well-led and ultimately a beacon of healthcare.