Emma Swarbrick

The NHS is facing the biggest challenges since its formation. From a community prospect, the complexity of health needs for the caseloads increases year on year.

At a time when a significant percentage of the workforce approaches retirement age, it is important to develop a workforce strategy that will meet future demands. As a Governor, I want to influence by helping to shape our future strategy and the services we provide. I have previously been a Parent School Governor so have some insight to the role, and the skills required.

I have been well supported by the Trust since I transferred from a secondary care setting, to community care in 2007. I qualified as a District Nurse in 2013. Post-Graduation I have become a Practice Teacher, an independent Prescriber plus became a Queens Nurse in 2015.

In my current role as a Clinical Practice Facilitator in High Weald, Lewes & Havens, I provide a lead role in the development and provision of practice education standards within the Clinical Services.

As a Governor, I want to ensure that all staff can develop to their potential plus ensure we have a workforce able to meet the challenges of the modern NHS.