Christine Hearn

I believe in the NHS. I feel it is a founding part of our post-war society and it needs support for all those involved in it’s running. I have travelled, and lived abroad, but my children were born in the Royal Sussex, and the doctor’s surgery I am registered with was also my parents, and my grown-up childrens.

My personal interests are end-of-life care. I believe we should die with dignity. I have been a carer for three elderly relatives who died - it needs improving.

Mental health provision also needs more attention, many conditions are more easily treatable if identified earlier. Mental health impacts on homelessness, addictions, and reckless behaviour that can lead to a worsening of symptoms and a reduced life quality.

However all areas need consideration, and all staff need our backing. Loyalty should be rewarded. I have been a teacher (taught at Varndean School), been a volunteer teacher at the Brighton Unemployed Centre. I currently work as a Copywriter, often for charitable concerns, for no fee. I have the time, the interest, and the life-experience that can aid decision making in my role as Governor.