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You said, we did

You said, we did

The feedback we receive from patients, visitors, staff and members of the public is analysed to help us understand what we do well and where we can improve.

We are always keen to improve the care that we provide. We have given some examples below of the feedback we have received and how it has been used to make changes.

Here we talk about some of the lessons we have learned from feedback received from either patients or their relatives.

You can see the steps we took to change things following feedback.

Lewes ICU

You said - On certain occasions there have been invasion of privacy issues. Nurses coming into the room without knocking and the bathroom toilet too.

We did  - We will remind all Nursing staff to knock first before entering a patients room if the doors are closed. 

HCP BH Health Visitor team North

You said - It would be good if there was the option to opt for communication via letter or email/phone rather than only letter from health service.

We did - HCP service now has several other means of communication for service uses. Parentline a texting chat service , SMS texting and AccRx texting service.

Crowborough Intermediate care unit

You said - Designated staff to listen to patients.

We did - We now have volunteers coming into the unit to spend time with patients. Staff do also like to spend time with patients when time allows.