Staffing on our wards

We are committed to providing high quality care and have reviewed staffing levels in our inpatient units in line with national guidance from the NHS England National Quality Board. As a result, our board has approved a new nursing staff template that provides an increase in the skill mix of Registered Nurses on the ward and we are actively recruiting to these new posts. However, as we move towards the new nursing staff template, we anticipate some variance between planned and actual hours.
To ensure our patients continue to receive high quality care whilst we are recruiting, we have utilised bank staff and staff from approved agencies. However, following the National Quality Board Safe Staffing Initiative, there has been a big increase in demand for nurses and this has meant that on occasions, we have utilised a different skill mix other than planned.

We are unwavering in our focus on patient safety and quality care and on the rare occasions where appropriately skilled staff may not be available to fulfil a shift, we can redeploy staff from other areas or utilise Ward Managers or Matrons to provide additional clinical support where needed. There are also times when the specific care needs of patients has increased and we have provided additional staff to ensure care quality is maintained and this may appear as actual hours exceeding the planned hours.

In line with other health providers’ experience, we acknowledge the challenge of recruiting high quality staff to meet the increase in staffing across healthcare, but are fully committed to implementing the Safe Staffing Initiative.

Susan Marshall, Chief Nurse

Nursing Staff Data - September 2017

See: The June 2014 Board paper on Nurse staffing levels

Previous months starting from May 2014 are available.
Please email to request past Nurse staffing levels.