Dare to Care

Our award winning Dare to Care staff engagement programme helps to deliver on the Culture and Wellbeing steps of our Care Without Carbon model.

Delivering long-term sustainability only happens when people make it happen. Our Dare to Care programme of engagement is an easy and fun way for people to become engaged in making Care Without Carbon an everyday reality.

The campaign is centred on our website www.carewithoutcarbon.org and is primarily aimed at NHS staff, although anyone can sign up to take part via the website.

Dare to Care launched at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) in February 2015. Since then just over 25% of our staff have signed up to over 6,000 dares, take action individually and collectively in support of CWC’s goals.

Following the success of Dare to Care at SCFT, the campaign is now being adopted by other healthcare organisations across Sussex and we are actively working with Trusts within the Sussex and East Surrey Sustainable Transformation Partnership (STP) region.

Dare is having a positive impact

The more NHS people we have working together, the bigger the impact we can have collectively on improving workplace wellbeing, reducing environmental harm and of course reducing the cost of delivering care.

We have worked with the New Economics Foundation (NEF) to measure the success of our work with Dare, and we are delighted at the results so far.

In 2017 staff engaged that participated in the Dare to Care programme reported an 18% uplift in wellbeing over staff who had not taken part in Dare to Care. This was up on the 12% uplift reported in 2016.

The results of this analysis are very encouraging.

Although this is a staff facing campaign, the website is open to the public, giving the opportunity to link in with our wider community. This is something we will explore in the future – because sustainability isn’t just about how we look after our resources, it is about how we look after ourselves too.

This short video explains why we choose to Dare to Care.

 If you’re interested in getting involved please get in touch with Will Clark, Director of Environment and Transformation.