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14. What are the possible screening results?

Usually, the screening result can be given immediately after the scan and your GP will also be informed of the result.

There are four possible results:

  • The majority of scans will show a normal aorta, these gentlemen are discharged from the programme and will not be invited for AAA screening again.
  • Men who are found to have small or medium sized aneurysms are invited back for regular scans to monitor the size and growth of the aneurysm.
  • Men with a larger AAA are referred to a specialist to talk about having the aneurysm repaired.
  • Occasionally, we are not able to see the aorta on the ultrasound scan due to technical limitations such as the presence of bowel gas, if that is the case we will need to recall the gentleman for a second scan.

More information can be found by visiting the NHS choices website.