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11. Why have I been sent an appointment for screening?

Every year the Sussex AAA Screening Programme receives a list of all patients registered with a GP in East Sussex, West Sussex & Brighton and Hove who are registered as male and will turn 65 between 1st April and 31st March. These are the two features that make you eligible for AAA Screening under the National AAA Screening Programme. We send appointments to all the men on the list sent to us and do so in order of GP surgery. Appointments will be spread over the course of the year and do not necessarily correlate with your 65th birthday (you may still be 64 when your appointment is made). Our job is to provide suitable clinics and the appropriate information in order for patients to make an informed choice about screening and we hope that you choose to attend. We would respect your decision should you choose to decline the appointment but would ask that you let us know so that we know not to contact you again. You can also change or defer your appointment should the initial invitation be inconvenient. We screen at 30 different locations across Sussex so we can offer alternative locations.