Staff Achievement Awards 2016

Our annual staff achievement awards took place on Tuesday, 29 November.

Over 200 members of staff attended.

11 awards were presented by our Chair Sue Sjuve and Chief Executive Siobhan Melia.

We recognised staff with long service in the NHS including 20, 30, 40 years, and to Brenda Barnes, Health Care Assistant in Lewes, with 50 years.

We also presented to more than 60 Health Care Support Workers and Therapy Technicians who have successfully achieved the Care Certificate.

View our Staff Awards magazine. See details of all our shortlisted nominees and view our programme with details of staff presented with the Care Certificate and recognised with long NHS service. And watch the awards presentation including judges comments about our winners and/or catch up from live streaming at the awards ceremony.

And our 2016 winners are:

Achieving Ambition Award

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Specialist Practitioners Trust wide

The last 12 months have been some of the most difficult that the team has experienced. That has taken place in an environment of a significant increase in the volume and complexity of work. Each full-time practitioner has a caseload that sometimes exceeds 400 people that they care for.

Throughout all of this the team have pulled together and been so supportive of each other that patient care has carried on even if the capacity has been greatly reduced at times.

Compassionate Care Award

Alison Holman, Team Lead, Responsive Services, Crawley

Alison has developed a Responsive Service which meets patients’ needs and is a positive and happy place to work. She was asked to take on the role as interim Team Lead. She has showed flexibility and courage taking on the role with minimal notice and prioritised Trust needs. Alison is now permanent in this role.

Patients now have one assessment which can be shared across all disciplines in the team to avoid duplication and patients having to repeat their ’story’ more than once. An increase in clinical decision-making and risk assessment skills ensures patients’ needs are met first time and safely.

Encouraging Excellence Award

Hilary Chiffins, Lead Bladder and Bowel Nurse, Brighton & Hove

Hilary is passionate about the service her team delivers and always strives to ensure that patients receive the most up-to-date treatment and care to manage their continence needs effectively. She has worked closely together with commissioners, urologists and primary care colleagues to develop a new community led clinic for men who suffer from lower urinary tract symptoms. The service has redesigned processes to improve efficiency in reporting ensuring that information is clear, accurate and concise.

Making a Difference to Patient Services Award

Mike Callar, Management Accountant – Children’s & Dental Services, Brighton & Hove

Carole Perry collected the award on behalf of Mike

Mike has supported our Healthy Child Programme management team to deliver savings without compromising the service e.g. supporting a skill mix approach. He has supported an internal redesign to integrate Health Visiting and School Nursing Teams, ensuring that new cost centres were created and the correct staff moved in to those.

Has ensured that the sponsored Specialist Community Public Health Nursing student cost centre is maintained so that all income arrives as expected and that amendments are monitored.

Mike was instrumental in keeping the recent Health Visitor Improvement Plan (HVIP) on track when progress reports had to be submitted on a monthly basis to Health Education England.

Making a Difference to our Staff Award

Muffy Wesley, HR Adviser, Brighton & Hove and High Weald, Lewes and Havens

At an individual level Muffy brightens up the day!  She ensures delivery of high quality HR service, ensuring appropriate HR support and advice is given, and staff are supported, going above and beyond when needed.

At an organisational level she is an ambassador for our expectations of our values and behaviours. She delivers excellence, achieves ambitions (for herself and others) supports people in working together to ensure a good service and everything she does is underpinned by compassionate care for those she works with.  

Mentor of the Year Award

Andrea Illingworth, Programme Manager, Trust wide


Andrea brings high standards to everything she does. She has supported two apprentices via the Prince’s Trust who had experienced challenges in entering the workplace in different ways.

Andrea has made a huge difference to them by supporting them to build their confidence and their ability to present themselves effectively in a work environment. Our first apprentice was incredibly nervous on joining us but has gone on to successfully complete the apprenticeship and gain employment within the Trust. Our second apprentice is relatively new but has already started to develop in maturity in a way that will help some of their existing skills be recognised and accessible to others.

New Ideas into Practice Award

Dr Ian Male, Community Paediatrician, Haywards Heath Child Development Centre

Ian has led a programme of research for over 10 years on improving the clinical effectiveness of services and treatments for children with neurodisability and their families in the community. This programme of work is supported through attainment of nationally competitive research grant funding, building and sustaining a research team, collaborating with national leads and working with industry partners.

The findings from his work is improving clinical effectiveness e.g. using virtual reality to improve rehabilitation interventions, and working with industry to develop an app to improve the assessment of autism.  

Outstanding Newcomer Award

Emily Willis, Child Care Worker, Finches Short Breaks, Chailey Clinical Services

Emily was involved in the care of a very ill child at Finches when their condition suddenly deteriorated. She supported the nurse in charge extremely well and did all that she could. Emily then continued to support the seriously ill child in taking her to hospital and staying with her until the family arrived. She then stayed with the family to support them.

Emily brings fun and laughter to work and is very caring.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Friends of Midhurst Community Hospital

Bailey Unit reluctantly had to temporarily close its inpatient beds in April due to the lack of trained nurses available to continue to run the ward safely.

The Friends rallied to support staff during this period of change and once they were fully briefed of the reasons they worked on an action plan in partnership with the Trust to raise the problems of recruitment within the local area and how they could assist with the recruitment process.

Working Together Award

Justin Veysey, Lead Community Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Diabetes Care for You, Brighton & Hove and High Weald, Lewes and Havens

Justin took on the difficult task of creating a new integrated, community multi-disciplinary diabetes service for Brighton & Hove and High Weald Lewes and Havens area, whilst at the same time running the very busy and existing clinical service in Brighton & Hove.

Justin successfully liaised with our clinical teams and our commercial development team, two local acute trusts, HERE (formerly Brighton & Hove Integrated Care Services (BICS)) and two clinical commissioning groups, as well as other stakeholders in order to design a new way of delivering specialist diabetes care across a large urban and rural territory – helping to successfully win the tender bid for future service provision named Diabetes Care for You.

Chair and Chief Executive's Award

This is awarded at the Chair and Chief Executive's discretion to the person or team who has made a special, individual contribution that goes over and above their normal role.

To be honest, any of our shortlisted nominees would be a deserving recipient of this award, which our chair, Sue Sjuve, discussed with at some length with fellow judges but one outstanding candidate emerged.

This year, the Chair and Chief Executive's award goes to:

Lisa Black, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Specialist Nurse, Coastal West Sussex

Lisa was one of two Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Specialist Nurses in the Coastal West Sussex (West Area), managing a caseload of over 400 patients. She developed a comprehensive range of specialist support services for patients and carers, and gave time to listen to their feedback and valued their experiences. She contributed to the regional network and national conference to continue to develop professionally whilst improving and developing services and treatments.

A lot of what Lisa did was completely invisible to her manager, Andy Vincent, despite conversations that were had and from what Andy was able to observe. It was only when Lisa became ill and was unable to work that the volume of Lisa’s work became apparent.

Patients and carers contacted us in huge numbers. Local support groups and the MS Society contacted Andy to seek assurance and to offer Lisa support. This continued right up until the 23rd of June this year when sadly Lisa passed away.

Lisa’s ambition was always to deliver the best service to MS patients that she could. Knowing that there wasn’t anyone else to pick up any slack she left meant that she took her responsibilities seriously. If she didn’t do it no one else was going to do it. There weren’t any issues with hand-offs or inefficiencies in shared care because Lisa did it. If she did need to liaise with another service she knew whether they had replied or not. Patients were safe in her care and they knew that they were getting the best care possible.

Long Service

Here are some of our staff recognised with 20, 30, 40 and 50 years service within the NHS.

Care Certificates

We would like to congratulate all our 2016 winners, nominees, staff with long service in the NHS and staff who have completed their Care Certificate.


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